TAV Productions, working with Literally Brilliant, has helped Gelista gain a reputation as Australia’s own, Australian family owned, premium ice-cream and gelato maker.

Literally Brilliant is a strategy consulting company with clients in Australia and the United Kingdom. A key aspect of their process is helping companies understand what makes them brilliant in the eyes of their customers and then articulate that brand promise in narrative form.


“We develop with our clients what we call a brand story and key message strings”, explains Michael Neale, Managing Director and Principal Consultant at Literally Brilliant. “They are the brand promise and brand values in narrative form. We work very carefully with our clients and we develop their brand narrative very deliberately”.


For thousands of years, storytelling has been a tool used to help explain complex ideas and lessons in the form of parables, fables and folklore. Story telling is at the very heart of how Literally Brilliant works with its clients. It is the foundation of strategy development (understanding the promise), forms the basis of customer communications and help foster a unity or cohesion of purpose among the client’s team. The story narrative becomes crucial for communicating and keeping the focus on the strategy… and the strategy is what is simply a plan for long term success.


“As you can imagine, we really value people who understand storytelling”, says Michael. “We are happy to work with our client’s agencies and partners but it is so much easier working with TAV Productions – that’s why we recommend them to our clients. They understand the importance of our words and how they fit into the bigger picture. They provide excellent creative input but they never allow their creativity to take over the project and loose the strategic value”.


One example of this work was for Literally Brilliant client Gelista. Gelista was a premium gelato maker with an exceptional reputation among restaurants and exclusive hospitality venues but had not successfully made the transition into the premium take-home frozen dessert market. Working with Literally Brilliant, they came to better understand what made their products distinctly unique and how to articulate that difference. They decided to tell that story via a corporate video and they turned to TAV Productions to make it for them.


“Most people don’t understand what makes the difference between a normal ice cream or gelato and one of exceptional quality”, says Peter Cox, Founder and Managing Director of Gelista. “We have quite a complex and sophisticated story to tell. Literally Brilliant helped us to articulate that story and then Amanda and the team at TAV Productions brought it to life.”


Peter Cox was not a natural performer but believed that, to maintain authenticity, only he could tell his own story. This is where the skill of Amanda and the TAV team shone through, helping Peter through the process and delivering a great result. The video stayed true to the brand story and key message strings originally articulated through the strategic process with Literally Brilliant. At the same time, it was engaging and beautiful. The video has been used to communicate the unique brand of Gelista to every level of the “sales channel” and has played a key role in the success Gelista has had gaining national distribution in premium food supermarkets. 


“The video has been invaluable in enabling us to tell our story to restaurant owners, store managers, distributors and consumers alike which means the story telling approach has broad-based appeal”, says Peter Cox. “Having this clarity in our messaging and a way to bring it to life has been a key part of our success as a growing premium food business”.


TAV Productions, working with Literally Brilliant, has helped Gelista gain a reputation as Australia’s own, Australian family owned, premium ice-cream and gelato maker.

Michael Neale Managing Director

Literally Brilliant Pty Ltd